Flasche Bio Acerolasaft mit Apfel, Orange und Mango von Rabenhorst


Multi-fruit juice with acerola - 100% pure juice

Apple Juice

Organic apple juice - 100% Pure Juice


Organic Apple-Mango Juice - Made from Apple Juice and Mango Puree - 100% Pure Juice
Flasche Mehrfrucht-Direktsaft von Rabenhorst

For the healthy thirst

Multi-Fruit Juice made of apple juice, orange juice and guava puree - 100% Pure Juice

Ginger Mix

Organic multi-fruit juice with 1% ginger juice - 100% Pure Juice
Flasche Multifruchtsaft von Rabenhorst


Organic multi-fruit juice - 100% Pure Juice
Flasche Orangen-Direktsaft von Rabenhorst


Orange juice with fruit pulp - 100% Pure Juice
Flasche Ananassaft mit Fruchtfleisch von Rabenhorst


Pineapple juice - 100% Pure Juice

Fruit juice in everyday life

Our classic fruit juices are the all-rounders in every household. With our usual high quality, we not only offer classic varieties that everyone is familiar with, but also more unusual varieties that offer your taste buds a delicious change. The juices are always designed for the best taste experience and promise unique enjoyment.

Packaging of our juice

We carefully bottle our fruit juices in amber glass bottles. Amber glass protects our products from the effects of UV light. Some vitamins, especially those of the B-complex, are very sensitive to UV light. An amber glass bottle can help preserve them. That is why we have always used dark bottles to get the best quality of our fruit juices. Glass bottles also contribute to sustainability. Our returnable bottles are rinsed and refilled, while our disposable bottles can be recycled at the glass container. Glass can be melted down as often as you like and can be made into new, high-quality glass packaging. Glass packaging does not absorb or release any foreign substances.


What is the difference between fruit juice and a fruit juice drink?

A fruit juice has a fruit content of 100 %. A distinction is made between pure juices and fruit juice made from fruit juice concentrate. As a matter of principle, Rabenhorst does not use concentrates, which is why fruit juice is always a pure juice for us. Fruit juice drinks only contain a certain amount of fruit juice, which is mixed with water and sugar.