A long tradition can have many advantages. One of them is certainly the possibility to have garnered a wealth of experience, which makes it easier to concentrate on the really important things. For Rabenhorst, therefore, the core values of naturalness, sustainability and quality form the focus of all our day-to-day activities.


The core competence of the Rabenhorst specialists is their knowledge of all that is best in nature, its active substances, and how to make best use of them for healthy nutrition. The best for our wellbeing – harvested from nature. True to the philosophy of “knowing what’s good for us”.

In order to achieve this, the experts at Rabenhorst have for a long time been continuously engaged in the support and further development of the move to grow pure, natural raw products and ensure that they are then processed as carefully and gently as possible in Rabenhorst’s own pressing facility.

Rabenhorst placed its first research contracts with the Institute of Organic Agricultural Sciences of Kassel University as long ago as 1969. It was therefore already driving forward the development of controlled, organic cultivation, long before the word “Bio” (organic) was known to most people in Germany.

Sustainable Management

The concept of sustainability is a continuous thread that runs through the whole of the Haus Rabenhorst business. The idea behind it is simple: The aim of sustainable management is to protect the environment and nature’s resources to the greatest possible extent. There is naturally also an element of self-interest in this. After all, only healthy soils, unpolluted water and clean air can enable us to fulfil our self-imposed standards.

However, ever since the foundation of the Haus Rabenhorst enterprise in 1805 and right up to today, the business policy and internal organization structure have been geared towards sustainable management. And every day, we strive to make a contribution towards this, however small.

  • A sustainability work group meeting 6 times per year
  • Purchase of “green” electricity only
  • Uncompromising efforts to reduce power, gas and, water consumption
  • Waste reduction programme, with strict waste separation and product recycling
  • Promotion of organic contract growing and support for meadow orchard organizations
  • Long-term supply contracts with regional growers and farmers

For these efforts, our company was awarded with the 2010 Environmental Prize of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate.


Rabenhorst juices always combine two aspects: unadulterated flavour and beneficial effect. On the surface, that sounds simple, but it calls both for a great deal of experience and an uncompromising commitment to quality. What that means in detail is explained on the next page.