Inner Calm

High-quality pure juice in the best organic quality is combined with gentle tea made from chamomile, lemon balm and passion flower herb. For your personal feel-good moment

Tart Cherry

Now available in a larger bottle. Enjoy the full intensity of aromatic tart cherries!


More than 200 years ago, the history of Rabenhorst began with the founding of a winery in Oberwinter near Bonn. In 1898, Rabenhorst pasteurises grape juice and thus produces the first alcohol-free medicinal natural wine. This classic juice is still available today as Organic Red Grape Juice With Iron and is produced according to the traditional recipe. In more than 120 years, we have gained experience as a juice producer and are now manufacturers of high-quality premium fruit juices and juice compositions. In doing so, we use our experience from tradition to create new products with our expert knowledge in juice production and remain true to our classics.

Discover our wide range of products on our website, delicious recipes with our juices and everything about fruit and vegetables in our fruit and vegetable encyclopaedia. Here you can also learn everything about juice from our juice experts. You can also discover our company values, philosophy, history and why our juices are distinguished by their particularly high quality.

Quality in action

What makes our juices so special? Apart from the genuine taste, this is not least due to the unique quality of our raw materials.


Healthy indulgence

Our delicious juices can be integrated into the diet in a variety of ways. You can find recipes and nutrition tips here.


About Rabenhorst

How did a vineyard become a juice producer with juices of the highest quality? And how did the name Rabenhorst actually come about?


Our assortment

Discover our diverse range of juices. From delicious pure juices enriched with nutrients to unadulterated mother juices and small, natural shots, there is something for every juice lover.


Frequently asked questions

What makes Rabenhorst juices so special?

Our juices are high-quality pure juices and juice compositions made from pure juices. Our top quality juices are characterised by carefully selected ingredients, gentle processing and bottling in our typical amber glass bottles.

What varieties does Rabenhorst offer?

  • In our high-quality pure juices from first pressing and pure juices of the best quality, a multitude of natural ingredients are preserved through our gentle production.
  • Our high-quality vegetable juices and aromatic nectars made from direct juice bring you many moments of enjoyment in everyday life.
  • In our juice + nutrients range, you will find delicious juices that also provide you with valuable nutrients.
  • On chilly days, you can warm up with our alcohol-free organic hot drinks.
  • Our powerful shots and fruity smoothies are the perfect companions for on the go and in between.
  • Use our organic spiced juices for cooking, refining and mixing
  • Our plus juices provide you with extra nutrients.

What are Rabenhorst's core values?

In our long tradition as a family business, we have gathered a wealth of experience. As a result, we know which values are important to us and concentrate on our competence. The focus of our daily activities is on originality, sustainability and quality. Read more about our philosophy here.

What distinguishes Rabenhorst as a juice producer?

Rabenhorst is characterised by 120 years of expertise in juice production. We exclusively produce high-quality pure juices and juice compositions. You can always rely on the proven Rabenhorst quality. We only use the best quality raw materials. In the production of our juices, we proceed very gently so that a large number of natural ingredients are preserved. Finally, our high-quality juices are bottled in our typical amber glass bottles. Regular quality controls by our laboratory and by external sources repeatedly confirm the high quality of our juices. Learn everything about Rabenhorst as a producer of premium juices here.