11 Plus 11 yellow

Multi-fruit juice from 11 fruits, 10 vitamins & provitamin A
Flasche 11 Plus 11 Obst und Gemüsesaft von Rabenhorst

11 Plus 11 Fruit & Vegetable

Multi-fruit juice made from fruit and vegetables, 10 vitamins and provitamin A.
Roter Saft mit vielen Vitaminen von Rabenhorst

11 Plus 11 red

Red multi-fruit juice from 11 fruits, 10 vitamins and provitamin A.


100 % organic pure juice with natural vitamin C to protect the cells from oxidative stress.


Organic multi-fruit beetroot juice with matcha and spirulina algae.

Berry Selection

Organic multifruit pure juice with natural vitamin C

For the immune system

Multi-fruit juice with zinc and vitamin C to support the immune system
Flasche Vitamin-B12-Saft von Rabenhorst

For the concentration

Multi-fruit juice with iron, vitamin B12 and ginkgo extract
Saft gegen Müdigkeit von Rabenhorst


Organic multi-fruit juice with vitamin C to reduce tiredness and fatigue
Flasche Muskel- und Nervensaft von Rabenhorst

For Nerves and Muscles

Multi-fruit juice with magnesium and 8 B-vitamins
Flasche Folsäure-Saft für gesunde Gefäße von Rabenhorst

For healthy blood vessels

Multi-fruit juice with vitamins and cocoa extract
Flasche Vitamin-D-Saft für gesunde Knochen von Rabenhorst

For healthy bones

Fruity juice with vitamin D and calcium in best quality
Flasche Cherimoya-Saft für gesunde Zellen von Rabenhorst

For healthy cells

Multi-fruit juice with vitamins C, E, grape seed extract and decaffeinated green tea extract

Healthy Blood Pressure

Beetroot juice with potassium for normal blood pressure
Flasche Kalium-Saft für ein gesundes Herztvon Rabenhorst

For a healthy heart

Multi-fruit juice with vitamin B1, potassium, magnesium and hawthorn berry extract

Inner Calm

Pure juice with gentle herbal tea for inner calm

Red Grape

Organic red grape juice with organic curry leaf extract - pure juice