Cooking with the ginger spice juice – 100 % organic pure juice from first pressing

Passion fruit

Cook, mix and refine with the passion fruit spice juice - 100 % organic pure juice

The production of spiced juice

For our ginger spice juice, organic ginger tubers are carefully selected and pressed in our own wine press to produce a first-class juice. Our organic passion fruit, on the other hand, is carefully selected in the country of origin, freshly harvested and processed into a top-quality juice which is then carefully bottled at Rabenhorst.

Our seasoning juices are made from high-quality organic pure juices. The ginger spice juice is refined with a little organic lemon juice. The pure juices in their usual high quality contain only natural ingredients and unadulterated ingredients. This is how the intense flavours of the fruity-sour passion fruit spice juice and the spicy-aromatic ginger spice juice are created.

Application ideas for seasoning juice

There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to using the seasoning juices. Nevertheless, here you will find inspiration on how you can use our seasoning juices in your kitchen, for example:

  • For refining tea
  • For the creation of exotic dishes
  • As an exciting flavour enhancer in smoothies
  • To round off soups
  • To refine jams and marmalades
  • For aromatic sauces
  • As a special extra in dips
  • In tasty dressings
  • As a tart addition to desserts
  • As a fruity addition to cakes
  • For refining desserts


What is a seasoning juice?

Seasoning juices are specially designed for cooking, refining, mixing, finishing and rounding off food and drinks. Due to the natural acidity of passion fruit and the natural pungency of ginger in pure form, they are not suitable for pure consumption.

Why can't I drink the seasoning juice pure?

Our seasoning juices contain freshly harvested fruits and tubers. They have such an intense flavour that they are not suitable for pure consumption.

Who are the seasoning juices suitable for?

The seasoning juices are particularly suitable for creative and experimental cooks or those who want to become one. They will also appeal to all quality lovers, as we value the best BIO quality. Our seasoning juices are also the perfect choice for people who like to have good quality at hand quickly and easily.

What makes Rabenhorst seasoning juices so special?

Our special seasoning juices are perfect for cooking, refining and mixing and can be optimally integrated into your kitchen. The pure juices have the best organic quality. They are also a practical alternative to fresh ginger and fresh passion fruit without sacrificing quality.