Heisser Horst

Alcohol-free organic hot drink with natural vitamin C

Hot Apple-Ginger

Alcohol-free organic hot drink with ginger and lime blossom honey

Winter Warmer

Our classic hot drink without alcohol with natural vitamin C.

Cosiness and well-being

Especially in the cold season, we long for warmth and cosiness. Do something good for yourself with our hot drinks and create your own personal feel-good moment. Our hot drinks are an alternative to conventional hot drinks because they have the best organic quality and are suitable as alcohol-free punch for the whole family.


What is the best way to enjoy the hot drinks?

Create your feel-good moment and enjoy one of our hot drinks. To do this, heat the juice slowly while stirring. Be careful not to boil it. This way you preserve the important ingredients of the juice.

Are the hot drinks vegan?

Our Heisser Horst is vegan. The Winter Warmer juice contains honey and the Hot Apple-Ginger contains lime blossom honey, which is why these varieties are not vegan.