Flasche B-Aktiv milchsauer vergorener Saft von Rabenhorst


Pure lactic fermented vegetable juice from beetroot, carrots, celery, potatoes and radish


Organic beetroot juice with a dash of lemon juice - 100% pure juice


High-quality carrot juice rounded off with lemon juice
Flasche Tomatensaft von Rabenhorst aus italienischen Freilandtomaten

Italian Tomato

High-quality Tomato Juice made from 100% pure juice
Flasche milder Sauerkrautsaft von Rabenhorst

Mild Sauerkraut

Lactic fermented sauerkraut pure juice

Spicy Vegetables

High-quality vegetable juice made from different types of vegetables with an intensely spicy flavour

Traditional Vegetable Juice

High-quality vegetable juice made from various vegetables

Fine taste rounding for aromatic juices

Most of our juices are made from pure vegetable juice. We refine the juices with selected natural ingredients to guarantee the best taste. For example, Italian free-range Tomato and Sauerkraut have sea salt, Beetroot and Organic Carrot juices are rounded off with lemon juice and Traditional Vegetable Juice is finely balanced with sea salt, parsley, basil, lovage, dill juice and lemon juice. Of course, these ingredients are all of the best organic quality.

The versatility of vegetable juice

Our delicious vegetable juices are not only a delight on their own, but also inspire in savoury cuisine. Use our vegetable juice as follows:

  • As a high-quality base for full-bodied sauces
  • Heated in soup form
  • For a vegetable kick in a smoothie
  • In risotto for a multi-layered taste experience
  • As a secret ingredient in vinaigrettes
  • Instead of water in a home-baked savoury bread
  • Our "Organic Carrot" juice in moist cakes or muffins
  • Our "Beetroot" juice as a natural colouring agent, for example in pastry


What makes Rabenhorst vegetable juices so special?

All our vegetable juices are of organic quality. Most of the ingredients for our juices come from Germany, apart from the sun-ripened tomatoes for the Italian free-range Tomato juice. The vegetables are pressed into juice fresh from the harvest and gently bottled at Rabenhorst. In addition, our juices Traditional Vegetable Juice, B-Active and Sauerkraut are currently being awarded DLG Gold.

What does the DLG Gold award mean?

The German Agricultural Society (DLG) tests products in various categories every year. They carry out a sensory analysis, laboratory tests as well as a preparation, packaging and labelling test. Products that meet all the test criteria without any faults receive the DLG Gold Award. In addition to the gold award, there are also silver and bronze awards.

Which types of vegetables are suitable for processing into vegetable juice?

Vegetables often have a firmer structure than fruits. Nevertheless, you can also make juice from vegetables. We use fruiting vegetables in the form of tomatoes and cucumbers, root vegetables such as carrots and beetroot, and white cabbage in the leafy vegetables section.  We also use celery, onions, potatoes and radishes.