Organic Red Grape Juice with Iron

Organic red grape juice with organic curry leaf extract - pure juice

Our classic pure juice has a long tradition: in 1898, the descendant of our founder developed the first non-alcoholic medicinal wine; the first pasteurised and therefore long-lasting grape juice. Enjoy the great taste of full-bodied red grapes and treat yourself with the valuable trace element iron.

Iron contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin as well as to normal oxygen transport in the body. Since the important trace element cannot be formed by the body itself, it must be supplied in sufficient quantities with food.

Nutritional values of our pure juice Organic Red Grape Juice with Iron

Average values per 100ml
Energy: 315KJ (75kcal)
Fat: < 0,5g
of which saturates: < 0,1g
Carbohydrate: 18g
of which sugars: 18g
Fibre: < 0,5g
Protein: < 0,5g
Salt: < 0,01g
Iron: 3,5 mg/25%*


red grape juice*, curry leaf extract*

*from controlled organic cultivation


* % of the nutrient reference value

Without added sugar, in accordance with the law. Fruit juice naturally contains the fruit's own sugar.


Hints and tips for the consumption of Organic Red Grape Juice with Iron

We recommend a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. One 200 ml glass of Organic Red Grape Juice with Iron covers 50 % of the daily requirement of iron.

The history of Haus Rabenhorst

Haus Rabenhorst has its roots as a winery, founded in 1805 by Pastor Johann-Heinrich Lauffs. In 1885, the company moved to its present location. Since many ravens nest here and the nests are called „Horst“ in German, the company gets its name Haus Rabenhorst O. Lauffs. In 1898 the production of the non-alcoholic medicinal wine begins, a pasteurised grape juice that becomes a success as a world novelty. This juice forms the basis for us as a specialised juice producer and is the predecessor of our pure juice Organic Red Grape Juice with Iron. This pure juice is therefore especially linked to the history of our company.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Organic Red Grape Juice with Iron pure juice from Rabenhorst so special?

At Rabenhorst we take care to process the fruit as gently as possible and remove hardly any natural cloudy substances during juice production. This preserves the valuable natural ingredients of the red grapes, which ensure a pure and unadulterated taste. The selected, sun-ripened fruits are enriched with organic iron from curry leaf extract and form our classic, healthy pure juice.

How can I improve iron absorption in the body?

In addition to an iron supplier such as our pure juice Organic Red Grape Juice with Iron, also consume foods that contain vitamin C. This is because vitamin C increases the absorption of iron in the body. This is because vitamin C increases the body's absorption of iron.

What is the shelf life of Organic Red Grape Juice with Iron after opening?

Once opened, you should keep the opened bottle sealed in the fridge and consume it completely within 5 days. Also, make sure to shake the bottle before opening.

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