Ginger Mix

Organic multi-fruit juice with 1% ginger juice - 100% Pure Juice

Multi-fruit juice with a light ginger note

Fresh organic fruits and a hint of ginger give this delicious multi-fruit juice with ginger an extraordinary aroma. Discover the harmonious composition of carefully selected apples, white grapes and sun-ripened pineapple with the slightly spicy note of freshly pressed ginger. Enjoy our pure juice "Ginger-Mix" with a subtly spicy note as a hot or cold drink at any time of the year.


Nutritional values of our multi-fruit juice with ginger

Average values per 100ml
Energy: 285KJ (67kcal)
Fat: < 0,5g
of which saturates: < 0,1g
Carbohydrate: 16g
of which sugars: 16g
Fibre: < 0,5g
Protein: < 0,5g
Salt: 0,03g


Organic apple juice, organic white grape juice, organic pineapple juice, organic ginger juice (1 %)


* % of the nutrient reference value

We recommend a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

How to enjoy our Ginger-Mix

The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends including 5 portions of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet. One glass of our multi-fruit juice with ginger "Ginger-Mix" can replace one portion of fruit per day. Please shake the bottle well before opening. Always keep the opened bottle sealed in the refrigerator and use it up within 5 days.

Enjoy the juice pure, diluted with water or as a juice mixture with tea. Also delicious as a hot drink on cold days. We also recommend a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Juice with ginger as a trendy drink in organic quality

A spicy fruit aroma with a slightly hot note makes our organic multi-fruit juice "Ginger Mix" a real treat for the palate. If you like ginger root during the cold season, you can prepare a great hot drink from the aromatic fruit juice. If you prefer a cool trendy drink, the multi-fruit juice becomes a refreshing treat by adding ice cubes. If you don't want to miss out on ginger on the go, try the Ginger Mix in a 125 ml container, our handy ginger shot or the refresh smoothie with ginger.

The ingredients for our Ginger Mix come from controlled organic cultivation. In our press house, we produce our juices with the utmost care and over 100 years of experience in juice production, which retain their natural flavours and ingredients through gentle processes. Without additives, but with a lot of passion. Try it for yourself!

Frequently asked questions

Who is juice with ginger not suitable for?

Rabenhorst Ginger Mix is not suitable for people with intolerances to the ingredients apple, grape, pineapple and ginger. People with a fructose intolerance should also avoid the multi-fruit juice with ginger.


What should be considered when preparing hot drinks from Rabenhorst juices?

Due to the gentle processing of the fruit and the careful bottling, the valuable ingredients in the Rabenhorst juices are preserved in the best possible way. If you would like to make a delicious hot drink from the juices, make sure to heat them carefully. The juices should not be brought to the boil so as not to destroy the valuable ingredients.

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