For the healthy thirst

Multi-Fruit Juice made of apple juice, orange juice and guava puree - 100% Pure Juice

Fruity-fresh multi-fruit juice made from apples, oranges and guavas

With its exotic flavour of carefully selected, mildly sweet apples, sun-kissed oranges and guavas, the multi-fruit pure juice from Rabenhorst will delight both young and old juice lovers. Full-bodied and aromatic, the juice can be added to your diet pure or diluted with water. Enjoy the unique pleasure and quench your thirst in a fruity, fresh way with a glass of high-quality multi-fruit juice.


Nutritional values of our multi-fruit pure juice

DLG Gold 2021
Flasche Mehrfrucht-Direktsaft von Rabenhorst Flasche Mehrfrucht-Direktsaft von Rabenhorst
DLG Gold 2021
Average values per 100ml
Energy: 180KJ (43kcal)
Fat: < 0,5g
of which saturates: < 0,1g
Carbohydrate: 9,8g
of which sugars: 9,4g
Fibre: < 0,5g
Protein: < 0,5g
Salt: 0,03g


Apple juice, organge juice, guava puree


* % of the nutrient reference value

We recommend a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Hints and tips for consuming our multi-fruit pure juice

Before consumption, shake the multi-fruit juice "For the Healthy Thirst" well and keep the opened bottle sealed in the refrigerator. Consume the contents within 5 days slightly chilled as pure juice or as a spritzer.

We recommend a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle, which you can optimally supplement with a glass of juice a day. According to the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society (DGE), you should include 5 portions of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet. A glass of our multi-fruit juice can replace one of the fruit portions per day.


Healthy thirst quencher made from apples, oranges and exotic guava

Our list of ingredients for the multi-fruit pure juice is short: mildly sweet apples from regional cultivation, sun-drenched oranges and exotic guavas from selected producers. These fruits are processed into high-quality pure juice in our Rabenhorst press house under strict quality controls. The result is a delicious composition with a unique taste that needs neither additional sugar nor other additives.

The careful processing of the ingredients and our many years of experience give our juice the full-bodied and unadulterated aroma of the carefully selected fruits. Also, the valuable, natural ingredients are preserved by the gentle processes in bottling and flash pasteurisation. Trust in our knowledge from over 100 years in the craft of juice production for your juice enjoyment in the best quality.


Frequently asked questions

What is a multi-fruit juice?

Our multi-fruit juice is purely filtered, pasteurised and bottled. The multi-fruit pure juice consists of other pure juices and / or the pulp of different fruits. Only the original, fruit-own components of the processed fruits are used, so that a standardisation of the taste and aroma is not possible.

What distinguishes Rabenhorst's multi-fruit pure juice "For the Healthy Thirst" from other multi-fruit juices?

The multi-fruit pure juice from Rabenhorst consists exclusively of the pure juices of apples and oranges as well as the pulp of tropical guavas. The juice is produced without the addition of flavourings or sugar and offers you the full fruit flavour with exotic nuances and valuable ingredients.

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