Apricot juice

100 % pure apricot juice in organic quality

Apricot juice from first pressing in organic quality

Carefully selected, fruity apricots from the best growing regions are pressed freshly in the country of origin into a high-quality juice and processed further at Rabenhorst. The gentle processing results in a truly pure juice with all the fullness of its natural ingredients.

Nutritional values of our apricot juice from first pressing

Average values per 100ml
Energy: 184KJ (44kcal)
Fat: < 0,5g
of which saturates: < 0,1g
Carbohydrate: 8,2gg
of which sugars: 7,7gg
Fibre: 0,9g
Protein: < 0,5g
Salt: < 0,01g


INGREDIENTS: Organic apricot juice, antioxidant: ascorbic acid


* % of the nutrient reference value

Without added sugar, in accordance with the law. Fruit juice naturally contains the fruit's own sugar.

Advice and tips for consuming our pure apricot juice

We recommend a daily portion of 75 ml. Depending on your preference, enjoy the juice from first pressing undiluted or as a spritzer. You can also use our juice to make fruity spreads and delicious smoothies. You should always keep the opened bottle sealed in the refrigerator and use it up within 5 days.

We recommend a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

What distinguishes the apricot

The apricot (Prunus Armeniaca) grows on a shrub-like tree, which can reach a height of 6 metres, and belongs to the group of stone fruits.

The apricot has been known since ancient times and entices with its delicious taste.

Frequently asked questions

What are the ingredients in Rabenhorst apricot juice from first pressing?

Our pure apricot juice contains 100 % organic apricots that have only been pressed once. Since we hardly remove any cloudy substances from the juice, the naturally occurring secondary plant substances of the apricots remain largely contained. To preserve the secondary plant substances as much as possible, we use a special filling technique. The effect of heat on the product and the amount of oxygen in the juice is kept as low as possible. This is how Rabenhorst produces a high-quality pure juice with a natural taste.

What is the difference between our pure apricot juice and our apricot nectar?

The apricot juice from first pressing consists of 100 % pure juice, while the apricot nectar has a fruit content of at least 55 % and is mixed with water and invert sugar syrup. In accordance with the law, no sugar is added to the pure apricot juice. Fruit juice naturally contains the fruit's own sugar.

100% pure apricot juice is very thick, which is why you can dilute it as you like.

What is the difference between Aprikosen and Marillen in German?

There is no difference between Aprikosen and Marillen in German; the two terms refer to the same fruit. The term Marille is mainly used in the Bavarian-Austrian language area.

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