The Rabenhorst Quality

It is no mystery how our Rabenhorst fruit juices come by their unique, unspoilt flavour - it is the result of decades of experience. At Rabenhorst ‒ today, as for more than the last 100 years ‒ only the very best raw materials are processed with the greatest care and all conceivable effort to create exceptional direct fruit juice and nectar products.


Everything you want to know about sustainable cultivation, strict quality assurance, gentle processing and protective packaging of Rabenhorst juices can be found here.

Only the best fruit, sustainably grown

Only the very best raw materials are used for making Rabenhorst juices, of that you can be sure. We attach special importance to how the raw products are grown, and select our suppliers according to strict criteria. Long-standing personal relationships with our growers and long-term contracts enable us to purchase the high-quality raw materials we always look for.

To guarantee the premium quality of our Rabenhorst fruit juices, our guidelines for procurement of the raw materials go far beyond the statutory regulations. In this context, it is important to us that the raw products have been grown to the greatest possible extent using sustainable methods, and wherever possible in organic quality. We also use the highest fruit qualities only, even if they ‒ naturally ‒ have their price.

Continuous stringent laboratory controls

Before the raw materials are made into Rabenhorst fruit juices, they undergo an exacting incoming monitoring process. The hand-selected fruits are analysed for their typical characteristics, e.g. ripeness, colour, flavour and aroma. The fructose, acid and vitamin content is also precisely determined.

Stringent laboratory testing is additionally carried out in order to rule out any unwanted contaminants or substances. To this end, Rabenhorst maintains its own modern, in-house test laboratory, as well as working with highly reputed partners.

Did you know?

According to German law, no sugar is allowed to be added to fruit juices. Only the fruit's natural sugar is contained in the juice.

Use of pure juice only

As soon as the incoming fruit has passed the quality control, it undergoes processing using gentle methods. One of the most important aspects in the production of Rabenhorst fruit juices is that we work wholly without concentrates. We produce pure fruit juices only, thus preserving the natural structure of the directly pressed juice and the valuable substances it contains.

In our own proprietary pressing facility, we additionally use the Rabenhorst single pressing process. You will doubtless be familiar with “Extra Virgin” quality in connection with your olive oil purchases. This highest quality rating is used for products that have been produced especially gently in a single pressing process. The same also applies to our Rabenhorst pressing facility, where we only press the fruits once, ensuring that our fruit juices contain only all that is best.

Extremely gentle bottling

The pressed pure juice is then rendered shelf-stable in a particularly gentle way. For this purpose, we use a special pasteurisation process in which fermentation of the juice is prevented by heating it, but to the lowest possible temperature only (80-90°C). With our special bottling technique, the exposure to heat and the admission of oxygen into the product are kept as low as possible. As a result, the colour, flavour and aroma as well as the valuable vitamins and minerals are all preserved to the greatest possible extent.

Did you know?

Since pure juice from first pressing is a purely natural product, it is not possible to standardise the taste. Various factors such as the weather and climatic conditions mean that raw materials are always different. Of course, we at Rabenhorst always pay attention to the best possible quality when purchasing raw materials.

Protective Packaging

Rabenhorst puts nature into bottles. Glass has outstanding properties as a packaging material. It protects our products from outside influences such as light, but with no detrimental effect on the aroma or flavour. So the vitamins and goodness are optimally protected. The top-grade fruit juices from Rabenhorst reach you in exactly the same high-quality as they left our premises.

Our fruit juices are immediately recognizable on the shelf by our typical Rabenhorst brown glass bottles, so you can be sure of always making the right choice.

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