Are Rabenhorst juices vegan?

In recent years, the vegan lifestyle has become a trend followed by an increasing number of consumers. This issue is often taken up by the media and discussed intensively.  For example, Food Watch initiated a discussion related to fruit juices about the use of pigs in juice production.  This referred to that fact that, in fruit juice production, gelatine or other animal constituents may be used to clarify juices.

Our juices are not clarified with any gelatine or other animal constituents.  As a general principle, all our juices are vegan.

Exceptions are formed by those products which are refined with honey and some products that do not contain vegan vitamin D3.  This applies to the following Rabenhorst juices:

•Rabenhorst Winter Warmer (honey)

•Rabenhorst Eisenblut (honey)

•Rabenhorst 11 plus 11 red (vitamin D3)

•Vitesse for healthy bones (vitamin D3)

All other Rabenhorst juices are strictly vegan. Within the category Our Juices, all vegan juices are marked accordingly.  An appropriate designation is also printed on the bottle labels.