Which beverages contain how much fruit juice?

Only those juices composed of undiluted juice with 100% fruit content may be called fruit juice.  A distinction is made between directly extracted juices and juices made from concentrate.  The freshly pressed juice is initially concentrated via water extraction and subsequently re-diluted with suitable water until the original juice thickness is achieved. Rabenhorst juices are made only of directly extracted juices.  

Fruit nectar is a combination of fruit juice or pulp with water and sugar(s) or honey. The minimum required fruit content varies between 25 and 50%.

In the case of fruit juice drinks, the fruit content is lower.  Fruit juice drinks made of citrus juices are required to have a fruit content of at least 6%, those made of pomaceous fruit or grapes at least 30% and those made of other fruit juices at least 10%.  The Rabenhorst assortment does not include any fruit juice drinks.