Flasche Energie Smoothie von Rabenhorst

Energy Smoothie

Fruity Energy Smoothie with Orange and Guarana
Smoothie mit Ingwer von Rabenhorst

Refresh Smoothie

Spicy-fresh taste with pineapple and ginger
Vitamin Smoothie von Rabenhorst

Vitamin Smoothie

Creamy Vitamin Smoothie with natural vitamin C


Are the smoothies vegan?

Yes, all our smoothies are vegan and therefore suitable for a vegan diet.

Why should children, pregnant and breastfeeding women not drink the Energy Smoothie?

The Energy Smoothie contains invigorating guarana. Guarana contains caffeine, which means that the smoothie has an increased caffeine content. We therefore advise children, pregnant and breastfeeding women not to consume it.

When is the best time to drink the smoothies?

Our smoothies are particularly suitable as a supplement to a delicious breakfast and as a snack or snack between meals and on the go.

How much smoothie is in a Rabenhorst bottle?

Our Rabenhorst bottles contain 240 ml of delicious smoothie. The size is also suitable for taking along. The glass bottle keeps the contents cool for longer if you store the smoothies in the fridge.