Cranberry-Ginger Shot

Multi-fruit juice with ginger and hibiscus flower essence in organic quality

Ginger-Mate Shot

Ginger and mate essence in delicious organic multi-fruit juice

Turmeric White Tea Shot

Turmeric and white tea essence in delicious organic multi-fruit juice

Sea-Buckthorn Ginger Shot

Grape, ginger and turmeric juice combined with sea buckthorn, apricot and a black pepper essence in a shot

Every day - at home or on the go and in between

Our shots are the perfect daily companion - wherever you go. The extra portion of nature in a handy size fits in every pocket. On a walk, while shopping, in the car, in the office or on your laptop in the home office, a quick extra portion of nature is guaranteed. The Big Shots offer the perfect opportunity to do yourself some good with a portion every day.  After all, it is important to consciously pause in everyday life and take this time for yourself.


What is a Rabenhorst big shot?

Our big shots are the large versions of our small varieties. We offer Sea Buckthorn-Ginger and Ginger-Mate in 330 ml containers. They contain 7 portions of nature for every day. The powerful big shots are made from the best organic ingredients and are incomparably delicious. With their powerful extra portion of nature, they are perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy our beneficial shots on a regular basis.

What makes Rabenhorst shots so special?

All shots are made from ingredients of the best organic quality. The ingredients are of our usual high quality and are gently processed into our delicious shots. They are naturally good and naturally delicious and perfect for everyone who wants that powerful extra portion of nature.

Why do the shots contain ginger and turmeric?

Ginger and turmeric are popular ingredients in shots. They give the shots a special taste. They give the shots that powerful extra portion of nature.