Red Grape & Cherry

Red Grape & Cherry

Organic red grape and cherry juice - 100% Pure Juice

By complementing intense tart cherry juice with high quality grape juice, we have created a delicious drink that’s easy on the palate. The result is a premium 100 % pure juice with a special cherry taste that, without being overwhelmed, is supported by the natural sweetness of grapes.

This composition of deep-red morello cherries and strongly aromatic wild sour cherries, combined with red grape juice, takes even experienced gourmet juice drinkers by surprise through the extraordinarily intense play of its flavours and colours.


Organic red grape juice (75%), organic cherry juice (25%)

Nutrient in 100ml
Energy:285KJ (68kcal)
Fat:< 0,5g
of which saturates:< 0,1g
of which sugars:15g
Fibre:< 0,5g
Protein:< 0,5g
Content: 750ml

We recommend a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.