Organic Vegetable Juice
DLG Gold 2020

Organic Vegetable Juice

Organic tomato and vegetable juice from carrots beetroot, cucumber, celery, pickled cabbage and onions; partially lacto-fermented - 100% Pure Juice

Enjoy this delicious juice, which through careful processing retains the nutrients and goodness of the vegetables.

This juice is suitable as a low calorie breakfast drink for a healthy start to the day. In addition why not try it as a hot drink at any time of the day.


Juice from organic tomatoes, organic carrots*, organic beetroot*, organic cucumbers*, organic celery*, organic sauerkraut* (organic white cabbage, sea salt), organic onion juice, sea salt, organic parsley, organic basil, organic lovage, organic dill juice, organic lemon juice

Nutrient in 100ml
Energy:77KJ (18kcal)
Fat:< 0,5g
of which saturates:< 0,1g
of which sugars:3,0g
Content: 750ml

We recommend a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.